Blackout emergency lights circuit 2

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Figure 282 foot another simple power outage should emergency lamp circuit. When the grid is often only power and municipal electricity by T Buck, VD1 ~ VD4 rectification, C- cr

Blackout emergency lights circuit 2
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ossing and filtered through R. And VD5 to the battery (; charged at this time,. VT1 closing R. positively skewed by conduction, its collector is low, so V, r2 is turned off, a small lamp is not lit when the mains F. LU sudden power outage, due to the isolation VD5, G will not supply power to the pole by R. VT1 base, VT] and idle power cut off, thereby lifting the VT2 blockade, VT2 base due by foot from the battery G obtained bias conduction, Eagle will be powered emergency lights E hair light, thin pressure device T, the battery (G small and light E to seek common ground seven cases, the other component parameters Figure, no special requirements.

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