Chase circuit loop type lights

This example is a particularly strong sense of jumping novelty lights, flashing its control order to take a 1 3-2-4 vault chase mode, the line shown. Diodes VD1-VD4 form a bridge rectifier circuit, the output of the full-wave rectified voltage lights as 4-way power,

through the current limiting resistor Ri and capacitor Ci after filtering SH9043 as an integrated circuit power. Potentiometer RP and capacitor c2 is SH9043 external resistor and capacitor adjustment RP can adjust the chip internal oscillator frequency, thus changing the vault chase rate four lights, flash frequency 1 ~ may vary between 200Hz. IC O feet, feet, feet, feet respectively thyristor VTH2, VTH4, VTH1, VTH3 the gate contact. 4 output signals for controlling the thyristor or not. So that the series with the thyristor anode loop string lights EL1- ELA shine.

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