HN911L produced by induction lighting

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A simple half-wave rectifier capacitor step-down regulator circuit VD1, VD2, Cl, C2 composition, after power across capacitor C2 available DC voltage of about 12V, the transist

HN911L produced by induction lighting
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or VT1-VT3 composition for delay circuits. This DC voltage VD3 and then by the second voltage regulator and filter capacitor C3 to obtain about 6V stable DC voltage for the integrated module HN911L electricity. When HN911L when the infrared signal is not detected, the second pin output high, vri off, VT2 and VT3 also cut, vs off, electric lamp H does not shine. When someone close to walking, moving infrared emitted by the human body is received inside the infrared sensor module, the module of the circuit after treatment, a second pin output low, then the PNP-tube VTI conduction, 12V to the positive supply through VT1, VD4 quickly charge the capacitor C4, and VT2 by R4 to the base, so that VT2, VT3 rapid conduction, SCR vs through VT3, R5 obtain trigger current opening, H lamp immediately lights up. As long as people have been nearby activities, beginning Yap helmet lamp H end remains lit. After the man left, the module will return to 2 feet high, VT1 off, but due to the stored charge C4 through R4 to VT2 discharge electrode group, so able to maintain the lighting state of the lamp H. After about tens of seconds through C4 charge is substantially discharged, sufficient to maintain VT2, VT3 conduction, VT2, VT3 deadline, vs loss of trigger current when the AC zero crossing that is turned off, the lamp H goes out. The delay time of the circuit is mainly determined by R4 and discharge time constant 04, in addition to the resistance R3 and VI2, VT3 the magnification of the circuit delay time is also affected. Appropriate adjustments to the value of R4 to obtain the appropriate delay time. This circuit can be used for toilet, stairs lighting for walkways and other automatic lighting. Bridging between modules 4,5 feet photoresistor RO and adjustable resistor RP, lamps constituting the light control circuit. During the day due to RO by light irradiation, the resistance is very low, so that the gain of the internal amplifier module greatly reduced, the second leg level at this time without the module output transistor VT1 is not turned on, the lamp will not be lit during the day H. In the evening, RO resistance becomes high, without much effect on the internal amplifier gain module, so the module can work properly. Adjustment potentiometer RP can adjust circuit light control sensitivity.

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