High-rise residential walkway lighting control circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Click the button switch Sl-Sn, lights that light, the power is turned on while the transformer T, the low-voltage alternating current through the secondary winding down of a br

High-rise residential walkway lighting control circuit
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idge rectifier and filter capacitor Ci later, c1 Yam ended output a DC voltage, the voltage through relay coils K, normally open relay contacts connected to the resistor R]: C2 and tortoise pit these two branches vri applied to the transistor base and make VT1 with a forward bias. then. Composite pipe quickly saturated conduction, the relay group Zhen shearwaters current flows, the normally closed contacts well, forming self-locking. Thus, even if SI release the button, the lamp is still lit. In the normally open contacts closed, while the other normally closed contact is broken open, the power to continue to charge through the relay winding cz, due rri turtle small base current, and the voltage across C2 can not be mutated, dichotoma witch aid potential which can slowly increased, so Cui following axis during this period. Clamor will continue to maintain hoodoo ridge; when c2 charging voltage winding to the release, since the relay winding ends little pressure; insufficient J maintain strong pull, then K off, lights off, Xie small boat pass through winding and grinding out. c2 on the residual voltage through VT1 and rapid discharge circuit consisting of Rz is done to prepare for the next delay purposes,

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