MC81 holiday lights ASIC

220V AC by VDI ~ VD4 bridge rectifier, lights the way for Hl, H2 electricity, another pass Rl, R2 two resistors buck, limiting the capacitor CI, C2 filter manifold A power supp

ly (due to internal MC81 Regulators have been, so the external circuit without providing the regulator, but the need to add a current limiting resistor buck). Manifold l, 2 feet directly drive SCR VSI, vsz to control lights flashing string Hl and H2. 5-pin output music signal amplification through external transistor VT to drive the piezoelectric ceramic hair B sound. To increase the sound volume of piezoelectric ceramics, the power transistor using only R1 a resistance voltage supply. SB no lock button switch, each press to change the light-hop music with the size, can sound large, medium and small between no choice.

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