Nightlight lighting circuits

Circuit, power supply circuit consists of step-down capacitor c1, bleeder resistors R, Zener diode vs, the entire diode VD and filter capacitor G, switches and batteries GB s c

omposition; light control circuit consists of resistors R2, photoresistor RG and the transistor VT1, VT2 composition. AC 220V voltage by Ci buck, vs regulator, VD rectifier and Cz filter, so as to provide DC 12V EL lamp and light control circuit voltage, but also by S GB of charge. During the day, RG affected by light exposure to the low resistance state, VT1 and VT2 off, EL does not shine. Night, RG becomes high impedance state, the voltage across voltage higher than 1. 4V, so that VT1 and VT2 saturated conduction, EL energized to emit light. Nightlight kind shown in Figure

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