SH-803R produced by high-power holiday lights

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

22, Ov AC by thyristor VSl ~ VS4 H1-H4 electricity for lights, on the other hand it down through the transformer T, VDI ~ VD4 rectifier, VD5 regulator and Cl filtered output of

SH-803R produced by high-power holiday lights
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about 4,7V DC voltage supply A manifold electricity. Rl is integrated providing a synchronization signal block. Manifold 12 to 15 feet through the transistor VTI-VT4 to drive high-power thyristor VSl ~ VS4. In order to control lights HI-H4 purposes. If a time 12 feet high output, VTI obtained by the resistors R4 forward bias is turned on, this time by the VDl ~ VD4 bridge rectifier output current through the thyristor VS1 second anode through a gate LEDl-- VTI and 12V positive supply constitute a loop, so the VSI opened, the lamp H1 lights up indigo light. When 12 to 15 feet by output chip internal procedures of the various waveforms when the trigger, H1 ~ H4 pattern will flash according to the procedure laid down. LEDl ~ LED4 will vary HI ~ H4 lights flash synchronously, to be used as work instructions.

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