SH-868 ASIC holiday lights


Posted on Dec 11, 2010    4297

Figure 2-80 with the SH-868 is an integrated circuit made music flash circuit, which uses three battery power supply. Can drive flashing light emitting tube, while electronic m

SH-868 ASIC holiday lights - schematic

usic sound speaker also issued chip storage of. SB for the function selection buttons, each press once to select a function, a total of seven kinds of functions are available: 1, four music + lights beat with the music at the same time; 2 + Lamps music with the music while the smell: 3, music + single lamp vault beat with the music; 4, audio and music + lamps vault beat with the music; 5, automatic music + four lights beat with the music; 6, automatic beat four lights no music; 7, four lights all light without music. If the 10-foot chip connected to the positive supply, II feet vacant, the function 14 will repeat the action.

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