Street light control circuit

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Street wear trench pipe installation commonly used Concealed wiring methods. The control section is installed in the front door or in the centralized

Street light control circuit
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control room duty electrician. Street factory area is shown in a FIG. In addition to its convenient transportation, but also the people along the road of leisure, walking, play, exercise areas. Works street light control circuit: street light control is characterized by stable and reliable, and will not cause glare accidental erroneous operation or flashes. The street light control circuit consists of light control flip-flop circuit, a switching circuit and power supply circuit, as shown in Figure 16-45b. Street light control circuit, the light control flip-flop circuit by the photosensitive resistor RG. Potentiometer RP, capacitor C3,0, resistors R3 and base integrated circuit NE555 composition; switching circuit consists of thyristor VTH, the resistor R2 and the light emitting diode LED composition; power circuit consists of step-down capacitor Ci, resistor R ,, steady pressure diode vS, composed rectifier diode VD and filter capacitor G. AC 220V step-down voltage by Cl, vs regulator, VD C2 rectified and filtered to produce 8. SV (V0) DC voltage supply NE555. During the day, photoresistor RG affected by light exposure to the low resistance state, feet and feet higher than the potential of NE555 2V.T / 3, NE555 the pin output low, LED does not light-emitting diode, thyristor VTH is off state, EL lamp does not light. When night falls, the light intensity gradually weakened, photosensitive resistor RG resistance increases. pin voltage NE555 feet and have begun to decline, when the voltage drops below the feet V "/ 3 ±, NE555 internal flip . feet from low to high, the LED is turned on hair light. VTH triggered by conduction, the EL lamp is lit.

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