TA7366 67 five lights single drive circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Commonly used single display driver circuit TA 7366/7367 is manufactured by Toshiba Corporation 5 LED driver circuit, it adopted a 9-pin single in-line with plastic structure,

TA7366 67 five lights single drive circuit
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within which the circuit configuration and application circuit of the circuit shown in Figure 4-48 o intron 6 op amp and a reference voltage circuit. 6 op amp as an input amplifier for amplifying the input signal to obtain sufficient drive level, and the remaining five groups consisting of five voltage comparator stage 05 and voltage comparator reference voltage ratio comparing, when the input when the signal level is greater than the reference voltage, the comparator output is low, driving the stage light emitting diode emits light. For TA7366, its fifth light-emitting diodes k clever to zero level in turn is a 3 and b is supported, LD is a 6dB, Lm is a iicB, LDI is a 16 blood. For TA7367. LD5 is OdB, k 2 is a nosebleed, k is a 4dB, Lm is a 6dB, LD1 is a 8dB. Difference between the two drive circuits, one maximum display range: 0 to a one 16dB, one of O ~ a 8dB; the second is the level of each interval different: one interval 3,3.5, SdB, a only intervals are 2dB. The remaining two electrical parameters, power supply voltage range V : 4 ~ 12V; quiescent current, : 3mA; output stream 8rnA; lighting sensitivity V : 230mV (fifth only lights) o

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