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Lighting Circuits

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This is a simple circuit which turns off the LEDs just by a puff. The circuit can be used as decorative item in church and during special occasions.

The beauty of all track lighting lies in the ability to freely position lights without wiring constraints. This is useful for changeable applications such as galleries, exhibitions and retail displ...

This is an auto intensity control of street lights circuit using ATmega8 microcontroller and LEDs. It helps to reduce the cost and power wastage.

Does the circuit providing a light at the electrical panel have to be ONLY for that light? I'm fairly sure there specifically has to be a light at the panel, as well as a circuit with an accessible...

Hi all, I'm an architect not an electrical engineer but I'm using Revit MEP to draw my electrical construction documents. I don't need to get fancy with all kinds of parametric data and such. I jus...

If you ever felt the need to use the revit architecture lighting fixtures in Revit MEP and create circuits... simply open the revit architecture lighting fixtures in Revit MEP Family editor and add...

Two way lighting Circuit By Clychawn Wilson

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