Press light switch double circuit 7

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A good performance is a two-wire connection of double touch off indiscriminately even a broken line in the left part of the line for the general lighting, flowers portion of li

Press light switch double circuit 7
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ght control switch, Ml to open cockles contact patch. M2 is against the light touch H. A neodymium tube V D1 ~ VD-1, crystal thyristor switch VT3 composed calling road, back to the routing control transistor VT1 and VT2 and the like, usually, product thyristor V113 in a pod off-state, electric E not bright. 220V AC by V [) L - VD-1 rectifier, R. And R. Points m, in C, Liduan gravity of about + sv electric generous, when manpower touch -r Ml electrode sheet, the induced current unravel human foot, into VT2 base, so VT/conduction. [Namely through the stored charge to discuss VT2 (1 bleed so (1 ends get i from the voltage, is applied to the well through the R * f J pole of the thyristor VT3 make VT3 conduction, lamp was lit by the value of R is small, V r {turned its gate leakage current to be charged by R. C., so people leave to electric set piece fn, C. A terminal voltage Ding unchanged the lights remain lighting state electronic switch that is in the on state when the lamp needs Ge, only suddenly to touch the M2 electrode sheet, current flows through the human body sensors Rv injection VTi base so quickly VT1 conduction, then C storage VT1 discharge charge through discussion, so that both ends of the voltage drop quickly F, VT3 lost trigger current. That is when the pods break alternating current passes through zero, E lights off, the electronic open-yan in the fire status .C. the role of anti interference can be prevented supply voltage fluctuations caused by malfunction Iseki VT1, VT2 on 9 011,9013 punishment, such as silicone NP] diodes require liver 7ceo 25V, mouth 100.VT3 type using ICR100 8,2N656j past small plastic unidirectional thyristor other components no special special requirements for wiring, 220V AC mains phase, the zero line must be connected shown in Figure F, otherwise the circuit not being normally work, this phase into Ji curse electrical wiring connection is in line with norms curse of the present Tr cylinder carrying capacity is mainly composed. VT3 and VDI - VD4 current capacity decisions, illustrating the data load power at 100W or less, and the load is appropriate incandescent bulbs, small cargo sensual apply.

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