Press light switch double circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Rw a77s power is the use of integrated circuit fabrication Ji-day double touch light switch, a special circuit point J. Cases the same. Bong electromechanical source transformer T Buck, v]) 1-VD4 rectifier

Press light switch double circuit
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and C filter, output 1 2V DC voltage supply TWH8778 electricity. usually. TWH8778 control terminal EN That feet without voltage, the internal circuit breaker switch Ji, the relay K is not action, lamp fi / f light. If you touch what Ml "ten f" electrode sheet duo are a few body induced signal to _ diode VT1 conduction. So manifold feet high, ten F off internal circuit is closed, that is, O feet and , pin connected, the relay K is energized, its contact station kl l0 together, lamp E powered light. In this case , feet high through resistor R feedback to the control terminal feet, so that is after people leave the hand pads, integrated block internal switching circuits can maintain close contact state, it is possible to reliably protect the relay destroy hold pull. When the light on, just hand touch at M2 "given" electric pull films, this time diode conduction will wr2 manifold control terminal feet on the ground short, so make the internal manifold even switch off the circuit, , @ pin output low, following IU destroy K release, contact kl jump Ji restored, turn off the lights. t "At the same time, , feet low level will pass through the feedback resistor R, the control terminal feet even after the staff left Mv electrode sheet still remains low start circuit termination in the off state. Yun circuit requires three tubes and relays and F. Pi same.

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