Ten Road string lights flashing circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Digital integrated circuit is composed of ten road flashing lights string controller that drives El- El0 ten road string lights flashing cycle. The same, A2 is the - mf sequenc

Ten Road string lights flashing circuit
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er block ten count system decoder CD4017 digital integrated circuits, when (: I continued input terminal count pulse, the output terminal Qo - Q9 will in turn output high, so the thyristor VTl - VT10 by opening times, so lights El - El0 will in turn light cycle, in the visual sense of movement can be formed if t. E1 - Fl (J Nymphoides South Xiaotun using beads consisting of string lights, string lights and each of bulbs in the house to ask certain regulatory legal arrangement, will form a wider variety of visual effects. clock pulse generator consists of Al (CD406cj) in two H NAND gate, whose O ~ feet and CR ~ -RP), ( 1: square wave oscillator constituting astable oscillation pulse output from the pin unravel again closed a non-plastic door, away from the direct final pin output terminal A2, namely the first CP ? feet, f} is the LI A2 the number of pulses, adjustment potentiometer RI, before the holiday may Benjamin oscillation frequency, thus h coup string lights El- E10 flow rate. (J requires LBH 4.V La poly internal olefins capacitor .VTl - VTIO bite ffl MCR1.os type and other small sister Feng-way thyristor glance. spider string Fl-FlO power should be controlled ioow F. other components no special requirements.

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