Ballast Control IC Design

Posted on Aug 6, 2012

The IRPLLNR2 is a high efficiency, high power factor, fixed output electronic ballast designed for driving rapid start fluorescent lamp types. The design contains an EMI filter, active power factor correction and a ballast control circuit using the IR21571. This demo board is intended to ease the evaluation of the IR21571 Ballast Control IC, demonstrate PCB layout techniques and serve as an aid in the development of production ballasts using the International Rectifier IR21571.

Ballast Control IC Design
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Features  Drives: 1 x 32W T8 Lamp (IRPLLNR2U) 1 x 36W T8 Lamp (IRPLLNR2)  Input: 90-140VAC/60Hz (IRPLLNR2U) 185-265VAC/50Hz (IRPLLNR2)  High Power Factor/Low THD  High Frequency Operation (42kHz)  Lamp Filament Preheating  Lamp Fault Protect

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