DC fluorescent light circuit

For the use of direct current 6 ~ 8W fluorescent lamp ignition circuit ring. It is a common emitted by a pole blocking
DC fluorescent light circuit - schematic

oscillator consisting of VT, induced by the secondary side of the transformer in an intermittent oscillation crossing, fluorescent light. The actual application of the test, when the power supply voltage is DC 12V, the lamp ignited after continuous voltage 5zv. If the supply voltage switch to 6V DC, the transformer secondary winding turns W3 of 1600 should be increased to 450 turns turns. R Available 0.25W or 0,125W resistance, capacitance C from o. Choose between 1 ~ lFcF. C value change between intermittent oscillator frequency is also changed. Select the appropriate value of C, the circuit allows maximum efficiency. Preferably with an E type ferrite transformer. Wl-WZ - 40 turns, diameter of 0.35 mm; W3-450 turns, diameter of 0.121mm.

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