Fluorescent energy-saving electronic ballast circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Electronic ballasts have a wide operating voltage range, fast start working no noise, no flicker, save energy and so on. It has been more and more people to accept. The circuit

Fluorescent energy-saving electronic ballast circuit
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shown in FIG is currently available on popular electronic ballast typical circuit. Figure 10-3, VD1 ~ VD4, c1, G form a bridge rectifier and filter circuit, complete 300V AC-to-DC conversion zzov. Horse, start-up wind resistance, to provide turn-VT2 bias voltage, thereby stimulating VT1, VTZ formed high-frequency self-oscillation. B for the buck produce self-inductance choke, C3, VD5, VD6, G composition soft-start circuitry, so that the establishment of the circuit operating point to the delay, so that the lamp filament preheating plus long, in order to facilitate the rapid start lamp, extending its life.

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