Fluorescent light circuits at low temperature and pressure

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

By adding a second pull tube in the circuit, when the starter ionization. In the positive half cycle diode conduction, from the whole flow effect, the current in the circuit is

Fluorescent light circuits at low temperature and pressure
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approximately DC. This current is rectified, the ballast impedance is small, so that the instantaneous current flowing through the filament plus large, enhancing the ability to transmit electrons. On the other hand, the current flowing in the ballast is large, the stored magnetic energy is large, the start instant is disconnected, the self-inductance of the electric potential is higher. Therefore, the lamp is easy to start to ignite. If trespassing on the diode lamp is still not easy to start, you should start the feet were reversed. The above-described method can accelerate the lamp start, Ai extend lamp life. Second board any type of tube should be selected reverse voltage 400fr, rectified current of 500mA diode tube. Such a circuit can be at -10, 180V voltage, 8w and 20W fluorescent lamp lit fast start.

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