Posted on Aug 9, 2012

The laser diode·pulser is a simple drive circuit capable of driving the laser diode with 10-A, 20-ns pulses. For a 0.1 % duty cycle, the repetition rate will be 50 kHz. A complementary emitter follower is used as a driver. Switching speed is determined by the h of the bipolar transistors used and the impedance of the drive source. A faster drive circuit is shown. It can suwly higher peak gate current to switch the IRF520 very quickly.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

This circuit uses a MOSPOWER totem-pole stage to drive the high power switch. The upper MOSFET is driven by a bootstrap circuit. Typical switching times for this circuit are about 10 ns for both tum-on and tum-off.

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