Laser power supply circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

DC power supply is a helium-neon laser excitation power supply currently used the most common form of power, there is shown a laser printer used in the road, Tl as power transf

Laser power supply circuit
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ormers, T2 is high-voltage transformer, the circuit consists of a series transistor regulator circuit, high-voltage rectifier, filter, limit the flow circuit and the steady flow circuit. This circuit is tested and functionable. alternating voltage VD1-VD4 bridge rectifier, filter capacitor Cl, output direct current voltage for series transistor regulator input voltage, VT4 VT5 composed of complex adjustment, the regulator circuit transistor VT6. VT7 by common emitter connection for push-pull output, high voltage is applied to the primary winding of the transformer T2. High voltage output from the T2, ~ VD10-VD13 bridge rectifier, wind t, after c5 RC filter, and then through the current limiting resistor in series DC high voltage is applied to the electrodes of the laser tube, so that the lamp ignition point ignition, limiting resistor as a current limiting circuit, mainly used to protect the power supply and laser discharge tube, so that after the starter not to discharge current is too large, the resistance of a size generally in the tens to hundreds of kilohms kilohm range, depending on the discharge parameters may be.

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