NC visible laser modulation driver circuit  

Laser Circuits
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Mar 28, 2007
In the laser tube drive circuit are often provided with a photodiode, which generates a laser beam is proportional to the intensity (optical power) of the current, but in response to this type of photocell mostly relatively slow, generally can not track modulation
NC visible laser modulation driver circuit - schematic

peak light laser tube power. Therefore, this drive circuit is achieved by monitoring the average optical power to control the laser generator. NC visible laser modulation driver circuit is shown, which includes a digital to analog converter 10 3-wire serial interface (DAC), a visible light laser tube is used to control the output of a constant average optical power; a separate digital input line (MOD), an open-drain output by a comparator (IC4) and VTl, is fed to the laser diode VD1 pulse, digital communications.

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