A 16x16 LED Matrix

Posted on Feb 14, 2013

In the early `80s, I read some articles on LED arrays. They described using arrays of 64 or more LEDs as crude oscilloscopes and other interesting things. I decided I`d make one myself - a really big array, 256 LEDs arranged as 16 columns by 16 rows. In 1983, while I was in my final semester of electronics classes at Monterey Peninsula College, I designed my array. I wanted a high-density array, in part to make the PC board smaller, but mainly to give a better appearance. So, I used the smallest LEDs I could find, 2mm x 2.5mm. I was lucky and found that All Electronics was selling them in 200-packs for something like $20. I bought two packs - a fair sum for me at the time.

A 16x16 LED Matrix
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

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