Based on the LT3755 50W white LED headlight drive circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

LT3755 in the LED string high side sensing output current, high-side current sensing is used to drive the LED's most flexible program, PWM input provides up to 3000: 1 dimming ratio,

Based on the LT3755 50W white LED headlight drive circuit diagram
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and the CTRL input provides additional analog dimming light capability. LT3755 16-pin (3mm 3mm) QFN package and MS0P. LT3755 main technical characteristics are as follows: (1) Wide input voltage range (4.5 ~ 40V). (2) output voltages up to 75V. (3) thereupon constant current and constant voltage regulation. (4) 100mV High Side Current Sense. (5) can boost, buck, buck - boost, SEPIC or flyback topology to drive the LED. (6) having an open LED, programmable hysteresis undervoltage lockout protection. (7) Open LED Status pin. (8) PWM Disconnect Switch Driver. (9) CTRL pin provides analog dimming function. (10) Low Shutdown Current: <1uA. (11) programmable soft-start.

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