LED fast optical pulse generating circuit diagram

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Due to the lack of speed in the entire series TTL monostable multivibrator, and because of the requirements of ECL voltage swing wide range of small and power, which drives us to use F series circuit having a fast transition

LED fast optical pulse generating circuit diagram
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time and the small transmission delay. This creates a compact portable fast optical pulse generator for high-speed photomultiplier used in gamma-ray astronomy research conducted field tests. Use only two integrated circuit helps reduce size and power consumption (Figure 1). The output of gate G4 in the IC2 output pulse having a normal high of about 2.5ns rise and fall time and pulse width of less than 10 ns, which is equivalent to three gate delays. These pulses are very suitable for low cathode potential HLMP-CB-15 high-speed blue LED, and the LED anode is clamped to 5V. G4 forcing almost the entire 5 V supply voltage is applied to the LED, such a large voltage swing can be sure that the insulation displacement connector at the edge of a small printed circuit board with the best LED brightness. Rechargeable battery fixed to the printed circuit board on the other side. The circuit uses CMOS timer IC1, consumes less than 4 mA current. alt="LED fast optical pulse generating circuit diagram">

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