New Knight Rider LED Board

Posted on Aug 30, 2012

The TL082 (Or a TL072 also is OK) Creates an Adjustable Sawtooth Generator. (It also has a Square wave Output, but it isn`t used here.) The Left and Right LED`s are Connected in Series and if this circuit is used on a 12 volt system, and if a person wanted to they could connect 2 LED`s for each LED Shown. Additionally I show the LED`s Mounted on the Circuit Board, But they can be wired OFF Board if So Desired. 1) There is a 1K Pot that adjust the Voltage input to the LM3914. 2) There is a 5K pot that adjust the Output voltage of the Sawtooth Oscillator. 3) There is a 250K Pot to set the Frequency as Desired. 4) Additionally there is a Connection point between Pin 9 of the LM3914. Joining these together to creates a Bar Display. 5) Substituting an LM3915 or an LM3916 will create a Non-Linear Effect in the Lights.

New Knight Rider LED Board
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

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