Using white LEDs

The yellow LEDs are on a small PCB, which are easy to remove. On the PCB there is 3 yellow LEDs and 4 diodes. Pictures of the PCB can be seen here : Top-side - Bottom-side. The schematic is as follows : You now remove the 3 LEDs and the 3 normal diodes (the ones who are in series). I actually only removed the outer 2 as the remainder is then left unconnected. The value of zener diode and the resistor, can be changed, but I found a value of 470 Ohm/5W for the resistor and 3,3 Volt for the zener to be OK. You can also put 4 or 5 normal diodes in series instead of the standard 3 - but it may be hard to fit them. Now you place a zener diode instead of the normal diodes, and the white LEDs instead of the yellow LEDs. It should be connected as this schematic describes :

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