BA5173 produced by multi-function lamp dimmer

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

220V AC by R3 buck figure, VDI rectifier, VD2 and C3 filtered output voltage of about 3,9V DC supply set to block BA5173 electricity. Rl is manifold zero-crossing detector curr

BA5173 produced by multi-function lamp dimmer
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ent limiting resistor, R4 for the manifold external oscillation resistor, R7, C2 POR use, phasing BA5173 output trigger pulse through R6, CI added SCR vs gate to control the conduction angle. VTI, VT2 composition Schmitt circuit, it photoresistor RG and other elements constituting the metering display circuit, when the light shines greater than lOOlx (lux), the photosensitive resistor RG of less resistance, VT1 conduction, VT2 off, LED does not send light. When the light intensity is less than lOOlx, RG resistance value increases, the Schmitt trigger circuit flip. VTI off VT2 conduction, LED light, indicating light is too weak, until transferred lamp dimmer so that the light intensity is greater than lOOlx, LED was extinguished. This electrical path to avoid students under low light illumination to read and write, and thus play a role in eye protection. The circuit has four control buttons switches SB1 ~ SB4, each key switch the following functions: SBI: stepless dimming control keys. When you use this key lights can be set to an arbitrary level, press this key, the lights fade from the dark, and then by repeated cycles of the brightest fade infinitely variable, when the light intensity reaches the extreme position (the brightest or darkest) when, the piezoelectric ceramic sheet B will uttered pops sound as a reminder, when transferred to the appropriate brightness, let go after the luminance namely memory retention. SB2: stepped dimming controls. Press the chain once, the light intensity changes in a block, press the low light, the light, the brightest and off 4 -speed dimming cycle. SB3: Delay Off control keys. Button once, lights, after about half a minute after the lamp turns off automatically. It is suitable to sleep at night or when leaving the room to go out with. SB4: time automatic on/off control button. Press the button, lights, lights automatically turn off after about 20min, another 5nun light, bright 20rrun, repeated cycles. It is mainly used to remind students not read for a long time, in order to protect the eyesight, can also be used for night time outside confuse no one at home, so that thieves will not dare to patronize. One thing to note, no matter what kind of light is dimming state, when the lamp is lit, to turn off the lights, just a short temporary Touch SB1 ~ SB4 any of a button, the lights are off. Readers can choose according to the actual needs of the above-mentioned one or several dimming mode.

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