Fade one lamp dimming switch circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Fade-in fade-out light switch can turn on and off when the lamp brightness changes slowly, and the brightness can be adjusted. (1) One of fade-dimming lamp switch circuit circu

Fade one lamp dimming switch circuit
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it shown in Figure 2-35. When closing the switch SA, the lamp brightness from weak to strong light; open the switch SA, lamp brightness from strong to weak extinguished. Adjustment potentiometer RP, can change the bulb. Such as using the values shown in Figure 2-35, lights fade in, fade-out process of approximately 60s. Change Rs, horses, cl, and the resistance of RP, you can adjust the fade in, fade-out time. If you want to control the lamp power group, select high current rectifier diode and thyristor can be.

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