Stepping CS6061A touch dimmer light circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

CS6061A integrated circuit fabrication is the use of touch-step dimming lights, it has two state of the female state switching function, and J as reliable, able to adapt to lon

Stepping CS6061A touch dimmer light circuit
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g cable and a larger touch-sensitive pad load (400pF). CS6061A collector circuit using CMOS process with low power consumption, so easy to use and other characteristics, mainly for the package standard DIP-8 package. (, S6061A the pin function as follows pins. OC, K, the oscillation control system ends, trimming R; can be corrected intermediate state. Luminance pin Fl, zero-crossing synchronization signal input terminal pin VDJ, is. positive power input port. pin TI, a touch signal input. pin CI, the external vibration resistance, electrical terminal hole in a wall, increasing R (, value can increase the touch sensitivity, and vice versa reduced. pin CG, the switch state control terminal, when a CG], two state; when C ( O, four-state pin V s, the negative terminal of the power supply pins AT, trigger pulse output terminal that can directly drive thyristor. CS6061A L as a voltage

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