Stepping HM4246 touch dimmer light circuit

Development and production of special touch dimmer integrated circuit, it has a dark, medium, light, take along a touch against the four side light function for zero trigger, h
Stepping HM4246 touch dimmer light circuit - schematic

armonic radiation emission is low. Has high touch sensitivity and stability, can be adapted to long cables and high sense of dummy load plate (-iOOpF), to be used for Feng spider lamp and other lighting with brightness adjustment night, which see Azerbaijan 1 circuit 34. HM4246 integrated circuit using standard DIP 8ยท?bullock, each pin functions can provide: O foot LK, a clock signal input terminal; feet Fl. Is 60 2/50Hz AC input frequency; foot VT, -, is positive power supply terminal; feet TI. A touch-sensitive input; feet CI, as a sensitivity control terminal; foot N (1, null foot; V Zhi feet, the negative power supply terminal; feet AT, the pulse signal output, triggered thyristor drive canthus .HM4246 power supply voltage in the range of 5 ~ 6 SV. the H, R. require the use of RJ-2W metal film resistors, e, c5 should withstand loooV the CBB polypropylene capacitors to ensure the safety of users. [1 :,. G available CD11-16V ordinary electrolytic capacitors use, when the hand touched repeatedly M, bulbs E state order: dark towel Koichi Koichi -J brightest lights of a dark Koichi. cycling for selection.

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