Touch Light Dimmer circuit

Posted on Mar 3, 2013

With this circuit we can change the brightness of lamb, with a only key of touch. The key of touch is connected in the circuit, center of which is a special completed IC1, which is the S566B of SIEMENS. This IC, it processes the information of duration of touch and then it checks the brilliance of lamb, according to this information. If we touch upon the key for a small period of time (60 until 400 ms), the lamb simply only changes situation, that is to say from OFF in ON or on the contrary, depended from the situation is found itself before the unit. In one of bigger duration of touch (more from 400ms), is altered the brilliance of lamb, late from dark in luminous or on the contrary. Are required roughly seven seconds, in order to we have complete brilliance.

Touch Light Dimmer circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

When it stops touch of key, remains that prevailing level of brilliance, in moment. With short contact (OFF), the selected brightness is stored.This level of brightness, comes back with a new short touch, in the switch (ON). . In the case of fluctuation of brightness, the control begins from the point that has been stored. The unit can be checked from distance with a external circuit of touch or from a pressing switch S1, also can are placed also other switches at the parallel, in different points, long from the unit. The circuit is designed to work with the modern designing of wirings in a house, where lambs are connected in the neutral line and the switches (or the dimmer), are connected in the line of phase. If the circuit is connected in the neutral line and lamb in the phase, then the handling becomes exclusively from pressing switches. The circuit can check power, above 300W. The manufacture requires attention, one and the presence of high voltage of network is present. Also his insulation, need it is very good.. The L1-C6 and R12, are elements of repression of interjections. The coil L1 is wrapped, tour from capacitor C6 and they are roughly 50 coils of cupreous wire, cross-section 0.5mm, which well are insulation, with a insulation material. When it finishes the circuit it can become control for interjections, with a radio. If it exists interjection then can become effort is decreased the price of R12, in 47R....

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