Unidirectional thyristor dimmer lights triggered ordinary transistor circuit

Crystal is a one-way ordinary transistor triggered threatened tube dimmer light circuit, VT2, V hired composition complementary amplifier to form the thyristor VT1 trigger circ

uit. 220V alternating current through the lamp E through VD1 ~ VD4 bridge rectifier, full-wave output ripple voltage, this voltage by foot, R., RP to the capacitor (1 g of electricity, so that V T3 emitter electrode IH bit rising. When it is higher than the base 0. 65V, VT3, VT2 namely conduction, the thyristor VT1 gate trigger pulse that is obtained .VT1 opened. this time, C through VT: 3, VT2 and R. discharge electricity, the positive supply again by R., R, and. RI. so its charge adjustment potentiometer and Rl] resistance machi change VT2 emitter output ask pulse forward or lags, or change the thyristor VT1 conduction angle, that can adjust the brightness of the lamp E

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