Automatic lighting switch circuit

NE555 time base circuit with AC solid state relay SSR may constitute automatic light switch circuit, the circuit shown in FIG. From the figure can be seen during the day due to incandescent EL photosensitive resistor circuit automatically fall off when the
Automatic lighting switch circuit - schematic

night. EL turn on automatically. in graph. RG photosensitive resistance 2CU2B. When RG by light, resistance becomes smaller, when added to the base circuit NE555, pin voltage is higher, so the output of NE555 is low, the AC solid state relay SSR deadline, according to the AU does not light. When night falls, RG resistance increases, NE555 of, voltage is below 5v. @ The output pin goes high, the AC solid state relay SSR device of O feet to obtain a positive power source is turned on, it controlled AC output terminal, turned on. EL incandescent lighting, adjustment potentiometer RP, can change the lighting to the light switch time.

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