Posted on Jul 7, 2012

This receiver uses the NE5212, the Signetics 10116 ECL line receiver, and the Phillips/Amperex BPF31 pin diode. The circuit is a capacitor-coupled receiver and utilizes positive feedback in the last stage to provide the hysteresis. The amount of hysteresis can be tailored to the individual application by changing the values of the feedback resistors to maintain the desired balance between noise immunity and sensitivity.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

At room temperature, the circuit operates at 50-M baud with a BER of lOE-10 and over the automotive temperature range at 40-M baud with a BER of 10E-9. Higher speed experimental diodes have been used to operate this circuit at 220-M baud with a BER of 10E-10.

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