Posted on Jun 3, 2012

An alternate LED driver which uses the 74F3040 line driver was incorporated in this particular application example. The 74F3040.has a higher current rating, but not the variable threshold capabilities at the NE522. The LED diode is operated in the saturated on-off mode for best signal to noise. This receiver circuit consists of wideband differential amplifier NE592, VCO NE564 and LED driver NE522-tbe high-speed comparator. The video signal is ac coupled into the modulator preamplifier and followed by a sync tip clamp to provide de restoration on the composite video signal and to prevent variation of modulation deviation with varying picture content.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

A video signal level of 250 to 300 m V peak is required to maintain optimnm picture modulation. Frequency compensation (preemphasis) is inserted in the form of a passive rc lead network at tbe input to the NE592 differential amplifier. The main FM modulator consists of an NE564 used only as a linear wideband VCO, but the other sections of the device are not used. Differential de coupling to tbe VCO terminals is attained via tbe loop filter terminals, pins 4 and 5.

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