Capacitive level measuring circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Capacitance/C tuck bit IJ volume level change is directly converted into electrical parameters, electrical parameters and then be converted to a unified signal transmission, pr

Capacitive level measuring circuit
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ocessing, display and so on. The electrical parameters can be divided into different: resistive, capacitive and inductive and so on, now capacitive for the introduction. We know that the most simple capacitor capacitance from the above equation by changing the t d, E or A change of approach could be made, respectively, the corresponding capacitive sensor. Capacitive level meter consists of capacitive sensors and measuring circuit. Capacitive sensors by changing the dielectric constant E of the general principle made, FIG. 6-38a, b capacitive liquid level sensors and measuring circuits. In setting a cylindrical capacitor test solution at the plate area A and distance d is fixed, the capacitance Velvet C. The dielectric medium between the plates with dielectric constant E change. Let the liquid dielectric permittivity, Tuen constant gas is e2, general E, ez, when the liquid level rises, the total dielectric constant increases. Thus the capacitance G increases, and vice versa, when the level drops Rang, E decreases. c, decreases. It is possible that by measuring the C rhyme change the level of liquid in the container. Figure 6-38b capacitance measuring circuit, G is the reference arm capacitance.

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