Clamp meter circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

Ammeter measuring current in the circuit, the need to break the circuit in series in the circuit to be measured. The clamp meter without the need for the case to break the circ

Clamp meter circuit
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uit, it can be measured directly in the line of electrical flow. As shown in Figure 5-1 Clamp Meter shape and circuits. (1) structural principle clamp current clamp meter Yuans main component is a feedthrough current transformer. When measuring the electrical clamp magnet flow table set in the lead wire, thereby forming a line of turn circle, according to the principle of electromagnetic induction, the secondary coil will produce induced current ammeter pointer, and the second line is connected to the network it will lead to the partial transfer, indicating the value of the line current. Use (2) Clamp ammeter 1 Zero bits: Before measuring current, to see whether the hands refers to zero, if not zero means the application of a small screwdriver to adjust the head table of zero point zero bolt so hands bit, in order to improve the reading registration accuracy. 2) Select the stalls: When using a clamp meter to select the correct gear. Should estimate the size of the measured current before measurement, select the appropriate amount of drive is not available to a small range for measuring large currents. When measured using the range switch to the appropriate position. Handheld bakelite handle. Hook with the index finger tight core switch to turn the core, the core gap from the lead wire is introduced to the central core. Then, relax hook index finger tight core switch, core self-closing, the measured conductor current alternating magnetic field lines generated in the core, there will be induced currents on the table, it can be directly read.

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