Soil content measurement circuit

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Direct measurement of soil content measurement circuit different areas of soil moisture, salinity, nitrogen, pH, etc., for soil improvement, various types of agricultural crops

Soil content measurement circuit
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grow, guiding scientific farming are important. Soil electronic measuring circuit described in this case, can quickly and accurately test the soil and the specific circumstances of fertilization. Is a relatively new and useful agricultural electronic measurement circuit. Composition (l) the soil content measurement circuit is shown in Figure 8-25. The soil content measurement circuit from 8098 programmable single-chip module, two 8255 programmable peripheral interface circuits, static random access memory 6264, 2764ROM class memory, 74LS373 8D latch circuit, 7650CMOS high impedance input op amp, CA3140 high impedance input operational Amplifiers, NE555 time base circuit and driving integrated circuit 7218 Road and other components. (2) various levels of measurement circuit can measure the soil physical and chemical data, which are: ammonia, phosphorus and potassium content, pH degree, salinity and water content. Among them, the determination of value and K soil rpH using electrode potential measurement. The potential difference between the electrodes from the solution determines the concentration of ions. A signal from the figure given away side high impedance CMOS op amp 7650. This allows the amount of Shu circuit input impedance and electrical poles match from the 7650-phase input signal from the amplified output ? feet, Zhai programmable input module 8098A/D foot end, by 8098 the processing result to show after driving circuit 7218 of Do ~ D7 end, the drive display shows the measurement results.

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