Novel circuit diagram of the timer switch

Posted on Nov 10, 2015

Novel timing switch circuit in addition to a general timing circuit "Variable Timing" adjustment function, also has a

Novel circuit diagram of the timer switch
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countdown show" feature, which can be displayed at any time the rest of the circuit "timing" and therefore particularly useful. The entire circuit structure is simple, easy to manufacture, easy to use, suitable for installation in a variety of occasions. IC1 model for NE556 (you can also use two NE555 chips instead). IC2 model for CD40110. Digital tube should be common cathode high-brightness LED. C1 with a withstand voltage of 400V, capacity of the 1 F capacitor oil. K1 with a pull-in voltage of 12V JRX-13F relay (to increase contact capacity, two normally open contacts can be used in parallel). RP1 selection 0.5W ~ 1W shank-potentiometer. S1 optional single-pole key switches. The remaining components shown in FIG.

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