lm567-mp1826 precision timer circuit diagram

As shown in FIG, MP1826 in the circuit as a multi-stage divider. LM567 is the frequency demodulation circuit, the circuit as a dual-band oscillator which generates the desired
lm567-mp1826 precision timer circuit diagram - schematic

low-frequency pulse MP1826. Whose oscillation center frequency f0 determined by C1, R2, R3. f0 by a 3-pin output LM567, the 8-pin output 2f0. Changing circuit time constant, f0 may vary between 0.01Hz ~ 500kHz. This circuit f0 is 4Hz. When the circuit is turned on to work first MP1826 reset, then you can see D1 flashes a few times off. Low-frequency pulse input MP1826, after time T, 10 pin goes high, 11 feet and then after time T2 goes high, pin 10 goes low; the process of 12 to 17 feet and so on. When the 8-foot ground, after 105XT2 time, 24 pin goes high. Circuit timer expires. Circuit without changing element parameters can have a timing gear 18.

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