Posted on Dec 10, 2012

Circuit provides a minimum of 7 V until the 9-V battery voltage falls to less than 2 V. When the battery voltage is above 7 V, the MAX630`s IC pin is low, putting it into the shutdown mode which draws only 10 nA. When the battery voltage falls to 7 V, the MAX8212 voltage detector`s output increases. The MAX630 then maintains the output voltage at 7 V. The low battery detector (LBD) is used to decrease the oscillator frequency when the battery voltage falls to 3 V, thereby increasing the output current capability of the circuit.

Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Note that this circuit, with or without the MAX8212, can be used to provide 5 V from 4 alkaline cells. The initial voltage is approximately 6 V, and the output is maintained at 5 V even when the battery voltage falls to less than 2 V.

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