Wide-band high-frequency electric field strength meter schematic

Posted on Dec 11, 2010

Explanation: This is a simple and low-cost broad-band high-frequency electric field strength meters. Field strength of the radio signal into a DC measurement, it is measured. R

Wide-band high-frequency electric field strength meter schematic
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F signal will be picked up by the coil and the diode D1.Even a very small DC voltage, enough to change the sign of the bias FET and a radio signal will be reflected in the presence of meters corrected. The instrument can be calibrated to adjust preset R2 meters M1 money supply in the absence of any radio signal reading zero. The circuit is not very sensitive to the hand held FM transmitter from a distance of several meters (ideal theoretical demonstrations) radio signals, but can feel. Circuit diagram and parts list Precautions The circuit can be assembled in the general PCB. Use a 9V PP3 battery powered circuit. Use a 250uA meter M1.Using fire a low fire meters will increase sensitivity. Coil L1 can be on Before 6 inch plastic ring 20 enameled copper wire wound. The telescopic antenna whip antenna.

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