AVR Microcontroller Digital Clock with ATtiny2313

Usually we see Digital clock on LCD or 7 segmen. But, this AVR Digital Clock which is designed by Ficara Emilio displayed on Oscilloscope. The project use ATtiny 2313 as the main controller. What an interesting microcontroller project. Source code and schematic available for download..

1 120 Res. 1/4W 5% R1 1 10K Res. 1/4W 5% R4 5 100K Res. 1/4W 5% R2 R5 R6 R7 R10 1 120K Res. 1/4W 5% R3 1 390K Res. 1/4W 5% R8 1 680K Res. 1/4W 5% R9 2 47pF Cond. Ceramico C2 C3 2 100nF Cond. Multistrato C1 C4 1 4MHz Quarzo Y1 1 ATtiny2313 Micro 20 DIP U1 1 Pulsante Tactile switch SW1 1 Connettore Contatti strip 5 J1 1 Connettore Connettore clip 3V J2

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