Digital Clock circuit with CMOS 4047

Posted on May 3, 2012    4072

This circuit provides a digital square wave that can be viewed directly or used to drive other circuits. It used the CMOS 4047 Low-Power Monostable/Astable Multivibrator. As used in Tom Duncan's Adventures with Digital Electronic's Book, to drive CMOS Decade of 4-bit binary counters.

Digital Clock circuit with CMOS 4047 - image 1
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RC = 10M x 100nF = (10x106) x (100x10-9) = 1 Hz OscOut (Double Frequency of Q) _ Q (Inverse of Q) Q (Square Wave, Frequency RC Hz, 1:1 Mark:Space Ratio) These 3 outputs can be viewed using an LED and 330R Resitor in series. 4047 Low-power astable/monostable multivibrator with oscillator output.

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