Divide-By-N + 1/2 Circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2013

This circuit, instead of dividing by an integer, divides the input signal by +1/2. With the feedback connections

Divide-By-N + 1/2 Circuit
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exactly as the figure shows, the circuit divides by 3.5. Point C ultimately controls when the input clocks the 74HC1614-bit counter. When C=0, the positive edge of the input triggers the counter. If C=1, the negative edge of the input triggers the counter. Each time that point C changes level, the circuit shortens the output pulse width of the counter by half of an input cycle. Thus, the counter"s divisor depends on how many changes occur at point C during one output period. Although the figure divides by 3.5, feeding back different counter outputs produces different divisors. Generally, an w-bit binary counter with pure exclusive-OR (XOR) feedback can form an N+ V2 counter, where Arranges from 2m~2 + l/2 to 2m~l-xh. The divided output is available at the m-1 bit of the counter.

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