A delay circuit battery

A delay using his electric lamp circuit. Normally, product thyristor VTH off iLi light E does not light, turn on the lights when needed, according to FSH, VT1, VTZ group into c

omposite pipe conduction, 9V DC power supply through R, thyristor VT2 VTH gate input trigger current, so that VTH opened, the lamp F lights up. Meanwhile, SB 9V power supply through the capacitor (1 charge, the C fast -speed charge to the supply voltage. After the release SB, c store electric charge to be discharged through the VT1 R., able to maintain the composite tube is turned on, electric women will not be extinguished until the C stored electrical-charged Bong after release, VT1, VT2 only by the on-state into the off state, VTH was turned off, the lamp E goes out. when asked mainly by the delay circuit R, asked about the constants C discharge, R., C values larger, extended, long time later, on the contrary it shorter.

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