A long delay light control lighting controller circuit

Posted on Mar 28, 2007

A photosensitive daytime electricity 1B very small positive value. 555 (4) feet (j reset pin voltage small f IV group manifold ICz. Electrical output pin generous IC, a reset (

A long delay light control lighting controller circuit
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3) -. Bu, i-cho bidirectional thyristor iSCR poor off, lights go out and the internal discharge opening Ge loop through (7) feet J is low, I4 bit i binary serial counter CD4060 ICl (12) feet (clear side Cr) added. L: L iU, FIJ Sh, {H end all auxiliary equipment. 0 is only strong enough to mold light, lcz are forced ICl (12) foot water pulley hold 1, Ic, oscillation stop :. (3) w0 outputs (1, the lamp does not light. when Rong curtain falls, photoresistor resistance bureaucrat slowly become larger, ICl (4) feet high voltage 5v] Second world work like Chi output j ~ l NIE almost .SCR light guide flee: and when put inside lcz here also : Qiang cut JJ two, IC, (12) pin power low voltage ride shovel, count starts. [cl frog oscillation J Ba meter butterfly about 15 seconds, and after about three twenty five hours. (3) flal lose pennant electricity almost by hatred so that the oscillator to stop. (3) feet lose Zhi Shan state holding l unchanged, lc, high input power A, (3) pin output low, the lamp goes out. so f shield ring back and forth. Under special circumstances, iiJ station L switch S. lights. In this case the controller.

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