As of control rechargeable delay circuit

As of control rechargeable delay circuit Under normal circumstances, when there is no input signal, the transistor VTi off. VTz conduction, the output U. Low potential. When U.

, So that the signal voltage VTi turned, VTz off, the output Us. High potential. When Ua, signal disappears, VTi off, VTZ conduction, U.. He reverted to the low potential. From U. The signal appears to U ;. It goes high for the time interval delay circuit at the time. can be calculated as follows: z RCln poison (s) where U MN- regulator vs becomes turned off by the M, the voltage between N, V. When UMW/E. -0. 37 when, t-RC, time characteristics more stable, and can be the most time-lapse t...

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