Bedside lamp with CD production delay

FIG inverter I, II and R1, R2, CI and SB constitute bistable trigger switch, each time the switch SB, the anti- phase II level to the output of a change. Composition R3, C2, VD
Bedside lamp with CD production delay - schematic

1 inverting clamor I, t monostable delay circuit, adjust the value of the entire R3 or C2 can change the delay time of the circuit. Inverters V, f used in parallel to increase their ability to drive. VT transistors and peripheral resistors vs SCR zero trigger circuit, when vs turned on the lamp lit H: vs turned off, the lamp H goes out. 220V AC power via a resistor R8 buck, diode VD4, VD5 rectifier, VD6 stable regulated output voltage DC 6V for the use of the entire circuit.

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