By ASIC delay lamp circuit

A thirty mining lamp control ASIC production delay lamp circuit is very simple. Pour in. H L2102 IC Wuxi love core Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (lmp, WV.7W. Wx.sjc.t n) Productio

n of light Zhu timed © with integrated circuits, regularly asked to town from child to child BU minutes seconds when wells are free towel concluded, H L2102 standard DIP 8 package, the pin functions shown in Table 31, the power supply voltage range of 2-6V. Figure 85 can be used to get the night l Ke temporary lighting, using just press a button switch SH iLi light F will light up, delay after tens of seconds, the lamp goes out white lines. The lamp is lit inside called to ask if pressed again SB, lamp F can f/{l against the closure. This circuit since the delay time is short, so the manifold HI.2102 I {, ie first end, song small feet will parallel the timing capacitor H to be adjusted resistance potentiometer RPs value, you can get a few seconds to a few m ten seconds timing. If you ask for more K timing ask, you can HU102 of, feet parallel and then a timing capacitor can be. I11,2102 for power by the capacitance of T [1 buck, vr) half-wave rectifier, vs regulators and C. Filtering obtained.

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